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Do I Need An Electrician to do my Electrical Work?  

 Doing electrical work yourself is a gamble. How much are you willing to risk to save money. There is a reason why it takes so much training to become an electrician. Do not make a mistake by taking electricity lightly, even the smallest job could be a safety hazard. Why take a chance. Get a professional to do this work.

What Should I expect from an Electrician?

First the Electrician you hire should have up to date insurance and licenses and be willing to provide you copies.

You want to hire a Master Electrician. This means he or she has over 6 years of experience or more, has pass the state licensing requirements and is approved to supervise journeyman electricians.

Look for a Clean and Tidy Appearance, Attention to Detail, Well Organized

They should willingly answer all of your questions and provide work references.

What should I ask of a Reference?

Was the job done to your satisfaction?
Were they considerate and careful with your property?
Did they clean up after themselves?
Were they polite?
Was the project completed on a timely basis?
Would you hire them again?
Did the work pass inspection?

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